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Fill out one instant online loan application and get cash today in seconds. Every application gets instant online direct lender approval review. Our fully automated online process means no credit checks, no income verification, and no employment verification calls guaranteed. Get instant online approval the same day. If there's an issue with your application a personal finacial specialist is standing by ready to help ensure you get the money you need today.

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Get cash in 1 hour with no credit checks. If you are in a crisis situation and need financial help immediately we’re here to help with money right this second.


Unmatched security with full data encryption and always instant same day loan approvals online and in minutes.
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1 hour direct deposit loans for clients who need money right this second. No waiting for income or employment verification and no credit checks.

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We give clients honest loans and help them when they’re in need not only when their credit score is 600+. We help clients with bad credit, no credit, and even the unemployed.

Starlight Loans is here to help today with fast, easy, honest and transparent loans. We act as a force for good and help those in emergency and crisis loan situations who are in urgent need of financial assistance desperately. If you help a client in their time of need when no one else will and provide fast and easy financial help immediately right when they need it. They are a client for life!

No one forgets a the helping hand when everyone else has turned their back.

That’s why once a Starlight Loans Customer always a Starlight Loans Client.
Breakup with your predatory payday loan lender and find out how well Starlight Loans online direct lender guaranteed approval service can treat you today.

Try our long term guaranteed installment loan options, flexible monthly repayment terms, and lower interest rates even for small payday loans and emergency cash advances.
All with no income verification and no credit checks guaranteed.

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The Devil Is In The Details

We have all types of loans from short term 3 month payday loans and weekly cash advances with monthly repayment options. Even emergency cash loans guaranteed to cover you until payday to large $5000 dollar installment loans and smaller long term $3000 dollar loans over 3 months, 12 month, or years.

We have loans for every situation and almost all rates and terms available. 
Signature loans, Private loans, Unemployment Loans, Hard money loans, No income verification loans, Emergency loans, Tribal loans, Payday loans, Crisis loans, Cash loans, Bad credit loans loans, even get an instant no credit check guaranteed approval loan right here online today.

Have you noticed the pattern that there are really only two types of loans and only two types of direct lenders online today?

There Really Are Only 2 Types of Loans And Direct Lenders

A. Lenders looking to help you get over a rough spot who provide great terms and amazing customer service. The lender relies on repeat business and building long term relationship with their clientelle

B. Lenders who are purely predatory with contracts full of traps ready to spring at any moment, hoping you’ll miss a payment. Salvating at the idea of traping you in a one week payday loan for 3 months.
These lenders trap you into a debt cycle and your forced to come back because at the end of each loan your worse off than when you starterd or in the same exact position financially.

Why pay interest and fees to go nowhere?

How to know if a loan is truly going to help you or just the lender?


Interest rates and loan terms are the primary thing you need to evaluate before selecting a lender. If your direct lender can’t provide easy guaranteed loan terms that you understand after you apply online never move forward. Always make sure you understand all the rates and terms of a loan no matter what. Any legitimate lender will help.



If a loan has hidden fee’s or traps lurking in the contract immediatly look elsewhere. If you notice one flaw while going through the contract there are certainly 5 more hidden in complex language or through legal loopholes. Make sure your contract is straight forward and simple with exact guaranteed numbers that you understand completely. Look for clear plain english contracts.



Long in depth contracts full of legalease and indecipherable jargon specifically there to deceive and hide the facts is a clear sign of a lenders bad intent. If you don’t understand, RUN. Anyone not making a clear effort to ensure you understand everything is trying to take advantage of you. Only accept legititimate loans with real loan contracts. You should understand 100% of your contract.


Why take advise about loans from Starlight Loans?

Because we’re in the lending business and we want it to change back to how it was when we started.
Lending someone money used to be an honerable practice meant to help and protect those your lending to. Now the people getting the loans are the ones who need protection from predatory lenders. We can’t stop the bad actors in the business but we can make consumers more knowledgable and provide an honest alternative in your best interests.

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Get the cash loan you need while on benefits, social security, disability, there’s no credit check or teletrack

Instant Online Loans Approval Rates

Utilizing mulitple banks and lenders internal approval algorythms simultaneosly through a ping tree model we are able to ensure our approval rates remain extremely high. Even for the high risk loans like loans for the unemployed or for people on a fixed income like social security or disability. There are even special programs for veteran loans and even just people currently down on their luck who need help urgently.

No Income 
Verification loans

Often loan seekers require a personal loan with no income verification because they are self employed or even simply because they don’t want to make their employer aware they are seeking a loan and employment verifcation could do so and put them in a worse employment position. Which is never our intention. Having no job to repay the loan doesn’t help you or the personal loan lender.

Loan Options

People who are unemployed often need financial help immediately and unemployment loans with no job verification can help those who need a loan urgently. Loans for unemployed people are often funded same day because unemployed loan seekers often need money desperately. These are considered emergency loans and direct lenders often accept bad credit with guaranteed approval.

No Credit Checks

No credit checks is a hallmark of most online loans whether it’s large 5000 dollar long term installment loans with no credit checks or just small easy loans with no credit checks funded in 1 hour. These quick and easy hardship loans are a common occurence. Often instant, these fast loans with no paperwork or no teletrack are usually guaranteed overnight loans with next day cash or instant approval.

Every Thing You Need To Get A Loan Today!   

You can apply online here and get instantly approved in minutes with just a 2 minute guaranteed loan application even with no job or poor credit. However, even if your applying here we suggest you read up on payday loans and personal loan contracts. Also consider installment loans and monthly repayments. It’s good information for future use and will protect you if you ever use another no credit check lender or guaranteed approval loan service. We’re still doing the deep dive for you and giving you a decades worth of information. Information we are only privy to as insiders in the market so take notes.

The only question that will be left unanswered is:
“Why would you use another no credit check direct lender if you have Starlight Loans?”

From Interest Rates To Approval Guidelines.
All The traps and the secrets to loans online.

There’s quite a bit hiding in those terms and conditions and we want to help you navigate it 

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Our best clients are the most educated clients. People who desperately need a loan now but still check the details of their loan terms. They check for low interest rates and APR disclosures which all legitimate real lender will provide clearly and help you understand and explain all rates and fee’s no matter what. Our best clients read the terms and conditions top to bottom looking for any discrepancies or possible pitfalls and quickly found Starligh Loans is the best when it comes to honest loan that are still easy loans. The client’s who know the most come back to us the most. That’s why we prefer loan contracts and terms to be short enough to read, clearly written, and concise without legal nonsense or other jargon. A real contract should be easily understandable and written in plain english. Most of a all a loan should be not just quick and easy but fair and honest.
We make it easy for the client to understant exactly what’s happening.

Thats why when things get dark our clients always look for Starlight.

On this page you can learn what makes the difference between a safe, fair, and flexible personal loan that will help you grow your money and stabalize financially and a payday loan trap full of fees and chardesigned to be purely predatory in nature.

Emergency Loans

Emergency cash loans often come with no credit check and no employment verification. Due the urgent emergency nature of the situation surrounding the loan seeker  and their immediate need.

Emergency Loans
Crisis Loans

Crisis loans are another type of emergency cash loan solution. Crisis loans to pay rent or for other specific fianancial goals like rent and other expenses are most common with this loan type situationally.

Crisis Loans
Loan Sharks

Loan sharks are probably available near you and provide hard money and signature loans but we have quick and easy loans with out having to find a loan shark or deal with the high risks of the loan sharks being licensed improperly and other extreme risks.

Need a Loan Shark
Payday Loans

Small payday loans range from 1 hour payday loans to 3 month and 6 month payday loan terms. These loans often have no credit checks and no employment verification. However, carry higher risks of non repayment and higher interest rates.

Flex Month Payday Loans
Cash Loans

Cash loans are often for the unemployed with no bank account. Urgent cash loans are same day loan options with one hour funding and often no hassles or job checks. 

Cash Loans Today
Personal Loans

Personal loans are loans you personally guarantee without the need for collateral and personal loans with no income verification are common up to $5000 dollars.

Bad Credit Personal Loans
Installment Loans

Guaranteed monthly installment payment loans with easy monthly loan payments. Get long term installment loans for 12 months or longer and loan repayment terms you can really learn to love!

Guaranteed Installment Loans
Cash Advances

Get emergency cash advances for special situations. Like cash advances for social security recipients and emergency tax refund cash advances against your tax return to get your tax refund advanced.

Cash Advances
Unemployment Loans

Unemployment loans are yet another no job verification loan. Where your income is not verified and your credit is not checked prior to funding. Unemployed students and just professionals in between jobs can get help.

Loans For Unemployed
Small Loans

Small payday loans are common form of short term loan. Small payday loans have very easy approval guidelines because of the low risk associated with the smaller loan amounts and thus easier approval.

Small Payday Loans
No Employment Verification Loans

No employment verification loans allow you to apply for a loan without job verification of your income or employment. This is great for self employed and those who want to keep their loan process private and have no employer involvement in the loan.

No Employment Loans
No Credit Check Loans

No credit check loans are simply loans with instant online approval and no credit check guaranteed. No credit check loans are like no teletrack loans where again like the name there is no teletrack check to receive loan approval and funding.

No Credit Check Loans
Bad Credit Loans

There are many type of loans for bad credit. Whether short or long term, loans for people with bad credit are common and easy to come by. Your credit score isn’t even checked with no credit check loans which are great for people with bad credit.

Bad Credit Loans
Guaranteed Approval Loans

Guaranteed loans no matter what! That means guaranteed loan approval no credit check from direct lenders only. Bad credit personal loans with guranteed approval and no credit check are some of the easiest and simplest loans avaialble today 

Guaranteed Approval Loans

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